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Help Your Scout Advance

Be sure your Scout phones the counselor for the merit badge that he is working on to make an “appointment” to meet during the troop meeting. It is not fair to expect every counselor to come to every meeting just in case a Scout wants to work on one of his assigned merit badges.
At home, encourage your Scout to study and work on the written parts of each merit badge or rank advancement. This will insure that campouts are utilized for hands-on learning and actual fieldwork, not just reading.

The Troop 47 2 merit badge counselors will NOT work with a Scout on a merit badge if that Scout does not have in his possession the merit badge book and can show that he has read that book.

Make sure your son attends summer camp! Encourage him to attend he can earn 3-5 or more merit badges in a week of camp.

Important: Before your son elects his merit badge curriculum at either camp, have him discuss his choices with the Scoutmaster or one of the adult leaders. They can help guide him to the ones that will be most beneficial and worthwhile. Also, he needs to take a merit badge form (blue card) signed by the Scoutmaster to camp.

Offer encouragement and support. Know what your son needs for his next rank.

Strongly encourage him to attend as many Scout activities as possible, because only active Scouts advance.


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