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New Scouts FAQ

New Scout Parents Need to Know List 

We know you have questions?  And we’ve got answers– within the first 30 days with us you and your son will know.

You’ll get to know:

Troop Operations and Leadership:

  • How’s our Troop works
  • You will be given a brief orientation by your son’s Senior Patrol Leader
  • Learn at our Patrols and meet with your son’s Patrol Leader
  • Meet with our Troop Guides who will mentor your son
  • Learn about the members of our “Patrol Leaders Council” and how our troops other positions function
  • You’ll get to have a conference with our Troop’s Adult Leadership and see how they support and guide our PLC
  •  You’ll get a Troop Handbook with contact information for our Troop’s Scoutmaster ,Assistant Scoutmasters ,Committee Chair,Committee members and Chartered Organization Representative.
  • You get a list of Merit Badge counselors working with Troop 472.
  • You get to met the Troop’s Quartermaster and review our inventory.
Troop Policies:
  • You will get an update list of all of your son Adult Leaders training and when it expires.
  • Learn how Boy Scout of America and Troop 472 approach bullying prevention and  youth protection.
  • Troop’s Electric Device Policy
  • Review our Troop’s Discipline policy & how it’s carried out
  • Review our Troop’s Knife policy
  • Review our Dues and Fees policy
  • Learn qualifications for a “Scoutership” for Scouts going thru a hardship.
  • Indoor program and Outdoor program operation
Troop Calendar:
  • Round table attendance
  • Our Troop Calendar
  •  Committee meetings
  • What a Courts of Honor and Board of Review is
Troop Social Media and Website:
  • How to use  the Troop website
  • Troop Social Media Policy
Outdoor Activities:
  • How to sign your scout up for outdoor activities, permission slips, fees, what to bring, go & return times
  • What to do if you signing up & then deciding not to go
  • Payments, refunds, transfers to other Scouts or outings
  • Summer camps Other summer adventure outings
  • Uniforms: what to wear, when; where patches go
  • Troop uniform closet
  • Troop Camping List: what to bring to a camp out, to a camp
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